The Forgotten Wilderness Beyond (Poem)

I stand still looking into the distance lost in a panoramic vista view with grass swaying in the breeze and clouds dancing with ease
I wonder what lies in the forgotten wilderness beyond

The stillness of the air mixed with a hint of sincere absentmindedness this place of dreams, visions, tales of explorers walking, strolling, abiding into the depths of my mind’s eye an ocean of memories, vast, raw, wild

Grass stalks brushing past my legs every nerve tender on edge the distance call of the birds ring through the air running laughter of hopes shot up, feeling quiet unprepared 

The trees of old move in their own ways length of branch and strength of bark ensure their core of raw power standing for days 

Developed into a picture that takes your breath away all feelings of vastness leaves one dismayed that unconquerable landscape is beyond one’s reach to grasp
I speak to describe what I see, but can I clasp such detail entirely?

The view reminds one of how small they are in the great scheme a shadow cast on the floor of a forest a flower in the field of midnight’s dream a grain of sand that in the light of day gleams
It is here today and gone tomorrow 



The only memory of them ever being their is hidden in the shadows of trees
In the whisper of a breeze 

That sits in the ears of man and women, that long for, seek for, crave for the endless skies, the clouds full of rain that might arise, the leaves on the wind, and the swaying of long grass as high as an elephant’s eye 

Walking in this space, I feel like an intruder, invader, quiet out of place longing to simply feel apart of this great place that sweeps and engulfs my vision. 

A presence that is distant at the start begins to move and cradle my heart he talks of sweet peace that is found in his presence to discover the beauty and essence of this wilderness before my eyes he beacons that I 


You convince yourself that the air is too clean,
How did it get to this?
Thinking that I am the only conscious being 

To feel, think, and touch such bliss like the eternal kiss of sweet passions desire how can one control such a consuming fire 

He whispers your name like a lover, wooing you to his side but your pride, your stubborn pride, drives you to flee
Into the jungle of ambition, the zoo of hatred, the harem of lust
I have become lost, eternally 

To see the inner greed indeed frightens me that my soul is lost to this inner need to feed such selfish need sped forth from within to steer me to flee for Him towards the evil of the dark fire called Sin 

I want to flee this presence run to the vastness of those years lost to daydreams and ambitions of youth, to be lost in this great void to shameful thoughts, bringing forth the brute to hand over my heart over to Him, is too great a risk
I would rather taste death’s sweet kiss 

The pace is too great, now comes the chase my fear wishes to evade as His love hopes to pursue fleeing the feet pursuing with ever increasing speed 

Scared of losing control, falling into this trap it seems that the past has followed me here and snap!
It is sprung, the grip of sin his slammed shut, Death has won! 

At the edge of this wilderness beyond giving over to sin the deepest parts of my soul within.

The darkest night of my soul is at hand where has the peace of His presence gone? why was I glad to be rid of Him?
For my heart to be so glad of sin? 

I am defenseless in this great cavern of a hole
Where is that voice of hope that I heard before?
Who spoke to me with his Word, and made me whole?

From the hidden battlements of eternity
He calls and roars like the lion entering the arena of death and gore, He shall not give up, give in, or be swayed there is too much at stake for my precious soul 

But I fear the last parts of who I am are gone through running of deep currents of guilt, sorrow pours forth on and on. 

The darkness of the night is shaken at its source shards of first light run forth the fire of sin roars in pain and remorse sin has stood long enough, Death has run its course 

A voice bellows powerfully from the depths of the light
Darkness fights back, but cannot withstand the might 



Presence of His presence, a cloak of encompassing grace emulate from within Him showering on my face wrapped around my nakedness and shame extending His hand of steadfast love towards my feeble form ushering my hand into His, rising above storm 

As I walk hand in hand with Him
I look out across those vast plains of the wilderness knowing that danger and doubt spread out before us like a canvas 

Why must I walk through this emptiness again?
So beautiful on the outside, but treacherous within no one knows what the future holds in the wilderness beyond 

HE SPEAKS TO ME, Oh child don’t you see
This space of land, water, and sky is not just passing you by
It is the landscape of your heart has and always was from the start 

So beautifully luring and amazing created magnificence in detail and each colour has reflected my elegant and imaginative design

To find its end is too much for you are easily swayed that’s why I am here to guide you through this maze 

Always wild and untamable so wickedly evil and perverted for no one can resist the fire of destruction within its depths 

But there is one who has conquered this place and no evidence of destruction came forth and He left without a trace 

He didn’t take away the beauty of this place to harm one but He holds his outstretched arms so that you would come to seek the beauty of your heart, through and through for its depths are deep, but His light is true 

The voice speaks to me from ancient peace so deep desires that are extensive and hard to find
I hope to discover them with His guidance, strength, and have peace of mind 

Tender, lost, and weary of trying my tears are many and my heart is crying for the voice that has been calling out to my heart
I let him in and he shows me where to start the adventure in the wilderness beyond has only just begun 


One dream come true

So this is a very different type of write. I go out into the wilderness quite often and whether it is for filming hunts or just going bush as people are saying these days, I really enjoy it. So just to back track, when I was at film school I was always aware that people asked me some of the weirdest questions about Africa and Zimbabwe. People seemed to be puzzled by the idea that you would of your own free will go into the wilderness to enjoy being away from the madness that accompanies normal life. It struck them as odd to say the least and totally insane at the most when I told them I enjoyed being in the middle of nowhere with no communication to the outside world and on top of all of that, trying to get close to dangerous animals. They would say I was mad. Trying to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I had guts, something to prove to people, and to puff up my ego by being two feet away from animals that have the ability to kill in the blink of an eye. This is maybe be true to some extent but let me say something that will give you eyes to how I see it. I am no professional in the bush, but from growing up and having holidays and filming hunts (which is very dangerous!) I have experienced one simple truth. We are so small! As people in God’s amazing creation, we are so fragile next to some of the creatures that are out there. I KNOW HOW SMALL I AM WHEN I AM STANDING 2 METERS AWAY FROM A BULL ELEPHANT!!!! They are huge!!! I am reminded of how even though I am but a move away from a bad experience… HOW ALIVE I FEEL! Now I am sure they are many out there who are saying that your just feeling the adrenaline rushing through your veins. YES I know that! But I am also so aware that my smallness next to an elephant shows me that I am a small part in this entire world. That this world does not revolve around me and my small life. That I am a small piece in this world. That even my life may not make much sense and it seems like a puzzle without shape or form, there is a master design and plan. At that very moment, being so close to that ele, I felt like I heard God, clearer than any other time in my life. That His voice cut through the chaos of my life in the middle of the bush and spoke straight to me. I felt like He was pleased with me being pleased at the same time. The joy was intoxicating. Life had new meaning. This makes me aware of how much I need God. This all happened a long time ago when I was young. I will never forget it. SO the biggest question is why I am telling you this. Well, when I was training in the UK in film school I was so home sick that when people asked me how I felt about being away from Africa, It was impossible to explain to them the feeling, Cause in my mind they had never been there.To this place that I had discovered who I was. In the middle of God’s Eden.SO, recently I had the amazing privilege to take some of my best friends (Steven & Sarah Payne) with the help of a legend (Joe Elliot) to Mana Pools. To experience the amazing place that God really touched me and show them the amazing African bush that has not changed in an age. This is the place where I hope that I get share more adventures with friends from both Zimbabwe and abroad. I know that I have plenty more memories to make and I loved sharing them with Steve, Sarah, and Joe. I really hoped when I was at film school that I had the ability to organise and sort out a trip for my student friends (Mark and Jo, Tom, Andy, Will, Emma, and Bex Barber) You guys are legends and I hope that we cross paths in the future and get the opportunity to create some amazing memories. To end off now I am going to leave you with a picture of Steve and his first (rather small) tigerfish! The same way that when you go fishing you not quiet sure what your going to catch even when you put the right bait on, your dreams may seem small to you and mean little to you, but you never now where they will go. That’s why I gave mine to God and have never looked back! 

The Lord is at hand; 6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:5-6

Tributes are not just for when your DEAD!!!!

So in line with my passion about discovering the continent of Africa. I have discovered it through many different ways and experienced it through many different people eyes. I have filming and photographed peoples stories. I am not a pro at it but I am getting there slowly. Since I was a child I have been brought up to view the world not just through my eyes, but to see the BIGGER PICTURE. If I had to things to say about my life right that could define me simply. First is that I love Jesus and i passionate about Him and I want people to see Him through the example of my life as imperfect as my life is. Second is I love Africa. Now I know that their are a lot of crimes and wicked activities that happen in the continent as it happens, but there is also a lot of good things that happen to. Since the age of five I have been captivated by African music and I tribute that to my parents. Johnny Clegg is one of my heroes.  His musical work does not just enlighten people to what Africa is, in terms of culturally richness and diverse, but also pointing out the injustices that have happened in Africa and South Africa in particular. There is a sense of light hearted playfulness when you listen to some of His songs that just demonstrate the colourful vibrance that is so African (Heart of a Dancer, Scatterlings of Africa, and Great Heart). At the same time there is also material that is incredibly  serious and addresses the issues that we were faced with in Africa in the past and the present (Impi, Asimbonanga, These Days, and Tough Enough).

Anyway, I took some time aside and edited this video together and even though there may be bits that are disjointed, its pretty good at telling the story. So Johnny, I made this for you to show you that you have influenced my journey across Africa in an amazing way! I hope and pray that you continue to write and compose music. Know that I am one guy that your music has touched so deeply. ENJOY!!!!!

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