This is a time lapse film that demonstrated the incredible beauty of the African Wilderness. Shot in various locations across Zimbabwe and South Africa, with a Canon 60D and one lens, It took over 4 years to compile enough sequences that capture an essence of what the landscape of Africa is like. It was inspired by a poem that I wrote 2 years ago called The Forgotten Wilderness Beyond.

"I stand still looking into the distance
Lost in a panoramic vista view
With grass swaying in the breeze
And clouds dancing with ease
I wonder what lies in the forgotten wilderness beyond"

Every city has a story. In Africa however, we have forgotten that our cities in africa are not like the developed world. In the developed world, their cities are built with order. In Africa, we have cities that were built upon such principles in times gone past, but over time they have become like a symphony of chaos. In Harare, Zimbabwe this is the case. We have forgotten the terrible beauty that lies within our city.

Venue: Harare, Zimbabwe
Filmed by: Timothy Marks
Edited by: Timothy Marks
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This is a short promotional clip created for a leading telecommunications company and licensing board operating in Zimbabwe. The message was simple, conveying the expanding telecommunications and internet sector of industry in Zimbabwe. Making it Our Zimbabwe


This video is an experimental video that explores the elements of light in motion through the media of stills photography in a time lapse format . Using a variety of lens and cameras and careful composition, the aim of the project was to see how one to explore and observe a place in motion. Plymouth has an unusual contrast in both color and light as well as architecture and atmosphere.

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